Idyll Dandy Arts and Idapalooza

We’re super excited to announce that Rhizome Consulting Project is going to be a part of Idapalooza again this year! Below are the scheduled workshops. Thanks so much to Lisa  Marie  Alatorre,  Woods  DeWitt,  and   Ashley  O’Brien! Check out to learn more about the great work they do.

Schedule  of  Idapalooza  2014  Anti-­Oppression  Workshops

Wednesday  May  28th 

11am  -­  1pm:  Deepening  Anti-­Oppression  and  Community  Accountability  -­ 
Being  at  Idapalooza,  an  event  made  up  of  queer  babes  with  many  overlapping  experiences   from  our  race,  class,  gender,  sexuality,  ability,  size,  education,  health,  legal  status,  religion   belief/practice,  country  of  origin,  housing  status,  language,  and  our  many  other  lived   experiences  is  an  opportunity  to  change  the  world!  By  intentionally  creating  safe  and   accessible  spaces  for  poor,  POC,  fat,  undocumented,  survivor,  elder,  and/or  witchy  queers   we  are  working  towards  liberation  for  everyone.  This  workshop  will  be  interactive  and   challenging  and  you’ll  leave  with  a  deeper  understanding  and  practical  skills  on  how  to  be  a   part  of  this  culture  shift  at  Idapalooza.

2pm  -­  4pm:  Trauma,  Conflict,  and  Interventions/De-­escalation  -­  
What  does  it  take  to  respond  to  harm  and  conflict  from  a  loving,  intersectional,  and   non-­punitive  framework?  How  can  we  hold  someone  accountable  and  responsible  for  the   harmful  things  they  do?  How  do  you  intervene  in  both  subtle  and  overt  acts  of  violence  and   oppression?  This  workshop  will  focus  on  practical  strategies  for  interventions  for  a   spectrum  of  conflictual  situations,  including  responding  to  trauma  and  violence.  It  will  center   healing,  anti-­oppression,  and  non-­violent  de-­escalation  as  necessary  approaches  for creating  safety  and  the  opportunity  for  transformation  during  conflict  or  escalation.  All  Ida   participants  welcome  but  encouraged  to  attend  the  morning  workshop  first.

Thursday  May  29th 

11am  -­  1pm:  Deepening  Anti-­Oppression  and  Community  Accountability  -­ Being  at  Idapalooza,  an  event  made  up  of  queer  babes  with  many  overlapping  experiences   from  our  race,  class,  gender,  sexuality,  ability,  size,  education,  health,  legal  status,  religion   belief/practice,  country  of  origin,  housing  status,  language,  and  our  many  other  lived   experiences  is  an  opportunity  to  change  the  world!  By  intentionally  creating  safe  and   accessible  spaces  for  poor,  POC,  fat,  undocumented,  survivor,  elder,  and/or  witchy  queers   we  are  working  towards  liberation  for  everyone.  This  workshop  will  be  interactive  and   challenging  and  you’ll  leave  with  a  deeper  understanding  and  practical  skills  on  how  to  be  a   part  of  this  culture  shift  at  Idapalooza.

2-4pm:  (un)Doing  It:  Anti-­Oppression   in  Social  Spaces-
 “Is  that  performer  in  black  face?”  “Why  is  the  party  so  far  away  from  public  transit?”  “Is  that   white  girl  wearing  a  bhindi?”  “That  party  name  is  racist.”  “That  DJ  name  is  racist.”  “That   party  organizer  assaulted  my  friend.”  “That  space  has  asshole  security  guards  who   assaulted  my  friend.”  “I  don’t  feel  safe  at  that  party.”  These  are  just  a  few  examples  of  how   oppression  in  queer  party  and  social  spaces  might  look  or  sound  in  your  friend  circle.  We   all  need  queer  dancing  and  social  spaces  -­-­  and  often  those  who  need  them  most  are   excluded  and  missing  on  the  dance  floor.  This  discussion  will  unpack  what  it  takes  to   create  safer,  sexier,  consensual  party  culture,  not  just  at  Idapalooza  but  in  our  larger  queer   community  and  social  spaces.  All  Idapalooza  participants  welcome  but  encouraged  to   attend  a  Wednesday  or  Thursday  morning  workshop  first.

Friday  May  30th 

11am  -­  1pm:  Deepening  Anti-­Oppression  and  Community  Accountability  -­ Being  at  Idapalooza,  an  event  made  up  of  queer  babes  with  many  overlapping  experiences   from  our  race,  class,  gender,  sexuality,  ability,  size,  education,  health,  legal  status,  religion   belief/practice,  country  of  origin,  housing  status,  language,  and  our  many  other  lived   experiences  is  an  opportunity  to  change  the  world!  By  intentionally  creating  safe  and   accessible  spaces  for  poor,  POC,  fat,  undocumented,  survivor,  elder,  and/or  witchy  queers   we  are  working  towards  liberation  for  everyone.  This  workshop  will  be  interactive  and   challenging  and  you’ll  leave  with  a  deeper  understanding  and  practical  skills  on  how  to  be  a   part  of  this  culture  shift  at  Idapalooza.

2pm  -­  4pm:  Transformative  Justice  and  Idapalooza-
Whether  you  have  first-­hand  experience  engaging  in  transformative  justice  process  or   projects  or  are  just  hearing  the  term  for  the  first  time,  this  workshop  will  help  you  vision  your   role  and  the  possibilities!  What  can  happen  if  we  invest  in  transforming  Ida  the  land  and   Idapalooza  the  event  into  spaces  where  harm  and  violence  are  prevented,  reduced,  and   responded  to  with  resources,  compassion,  and  accountability.  Using  international   examples  and  Ida  itself  as  an  example,  we  will  begin  to  manifest  our  dreams  for  the  world   we  want  to  see,  not  just  here  in  the  middle  of  Tennessee,  but  around  the  world.  All   Idapalooza  participants  welcome  but  encouraged  to  attend  a  Wednesday,  Thursday,  or   Friday  morning  workshop  first.

Festival Registration Fee Policy

A large amount of financial resources go into creating Idapalooza, including paying bands and workshop leaders, providing food, and upkeeping infrastructure. To make this possible, we ask those who are able to contribute generously. $25-200 registration and $20 each day (for meals, &c) is the suggested registration fee.

Idapalooza is a space that actively works towards accessibility for more queer people coming to the land with different histories, experiences, identities, and privileges. We realize that there was word put out that we had made a policy that QTPOC people were not to pay at registration for this year’s IDApalooza. This statement of our registration policy that you are now reading will clarify our chosen policy, which is pay-what-you-can, no-one-turned-away, and the intersectional anti-oppression aims behind that policy. 

The payment policy is intended to reflect the reality that transmisogyny, racism, white supremacy, abilism, immigration status, and other ongoing societal forces all affect the ability of queer people to come to the IDApalooza. Addressing these barriers requires ongoing work on the part of IDA residents and event organizers, and we welcome the input and assistance towards this goal from everyone who visits this land.

The pay-what-you-can, no-one-turned-away policy actualizes our intersectional anti-oppression aims by asking individuals to make their own decisions about how much money they can contribute. We recognize that this financial support for the festival comes in addition to the valuable labor (emotional, physical, political, and otherwise) that many people offer to the festival. We ask that everyone volunteer for work shifts if they are able to, because it offers visitors a chance to partake in the collective approach that we use in maintaining this land project and building a home together. It’s also a great way to meet people!

When you arrive at the registration tent, please politely listen to our registration folks explain the registration fee system, and make a decision based on your ability to contribute, financially and otherwise. You will be welcomed on the land no matter what you can pay, and that is our intention for everyone coming to the festival this year. If you can provide a registration fee generously, please do, because it makes IDApalooza possible and supports the land, our community projects, and the festival. 

Idapalooza functions as a fundraiser for IDA in general as well. This has contributed to paying off the land, maintaining its infrastructure, offering artist residencies and garden internships, and the many other expenses inherent in the IDA project. Feel free to email us if you are interested in receiving a full version of our open accounting and expenses.

This policy is a work in progress, and we are open to and would appreciate your feedback—email us at with your thoughts and suggestions! We respect the confidentiality of everyone willing to share their ideas with us. 

Shuttles to Idapalooza

Dearest People,

This is Knuckles, your ride coordinator for fun time palooza jams. The following information will help us all make sure you get here, so please read it carefully and contact me soon with any questions you may have or information I may still need from you.

- I will organize shuttles for pick-up or drop-off from the airport and/or bus station at around 1pm and 8pm each day from Sunday, May 25 through Tuesday, June 3. HOWEVER, I WILL ONLY SEND AS MANY VEHICLES AS NEEDED FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO REQUEST A RIDE FOR THAT DAY AND TIME. SO IF YOU DON’T CONTACT ME IN ADVANCE WITH YOUR ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE INFORMATION, I CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU A RIDE. Some of the shuttles will be picking people up from both airport and bus station, so if we pick up from the airport first, we may not be at the bus station ‘til around 8:30, for example. But don’t worry. We WILL come get you, and I promise we won’t keep you waiting any longer than we have to!

-In your email requesting a ride, please also include your phone number if you have one, the airline or bus line on which you will be arriving, and your departure information if you will be needing a ride back to Nashville/Cookeville.

- If you are arriving at the airport, please wait at the Southwest terminal for the shuttle to pick you up.

- If you are arriving at the Greyhound station, we’ll come by the 5th Ave station and pick you up. If you are arriving on Megabus, we will pick you up in the parking lot at the corner of 4th Ave S and Elm St, which is where the bus will drop you off. If you get in long before your shuttle time and wander downtown, please be back at the station or parking lot by your scheduled shuttle time. Thanks!

- As for knowing who to look for, it’s hard to say as a number of different vehicles and drivers will be acting as shuttles. I’m confident that we can spot each other in a crowd.

- Remember, we are expecting you and your spot is reserved in the shuttle. If for any reason your travel plans change, please contact me ASAP. You can email me at, or call me at Ida 615-597-4409.

***We are asking for $25 for each person using the shuttle. Please remember to pay your driver, if you can, when you arrive.***

FINALLY, if you will need shuttling BACK to the airport or bus station post idapalooza, PLEASE send me your departure information now. It will be much more difficult for me to arrange your details when we’re all here having a good time. So, please send me an email with your departure information or clarify that you will not need shuttling back. Thank you!

We’re so excited to see you all!
Knuckles and all of Ida

This year’s Idapalooza is going to happen from May 28 until June 2. Yay!

As always, we’re looking for queer and trans musicians and performers to come to the festival. If you want to participate, email a sample of what you do to 

We are also excited to continue hosting workshops and daytime activities, which can be proposed to the same address. 

Thanks, y’all!

Art Residencies

We’re super excited about the interest our art residencies have generated and hope that 2013 will include a lot more people coming to the land to share their work and their energy with us. Remember, if you want to spend anywhere from a week to a month in dedicated focus on a new art or activism related project while at IDA, please email us and let us know at idapalooza [@] gmail [.] com. Thanks!

A new website

How about that, IDA’s got a Tumblr! Keep an eye out for some updates soon.